Selling With Us

When selling with Teddy's Closet, we offer 3 options:

Option 1 - Buy Outright 

The Seller will earn 30% of the total resale value and is paid immediately (after goods are assessed and resale values assigned). 

**If you take your payment in the form of a store gift card, you will earn 35%  

Option 2 - Consignment (based on each item's end resale value)

Tier 1 - Resale Value up to $149:  Seller will earn 40% of total resale value

Tier 2 - Resale Value $150 - $199:  Seller will earn 45% of total resale value

Tier 3 - Resale Value $200 - $499:  Seller will earn 50% of total resale value

Tier 4 - Resale Value $500 - $749:  Seller will earn 55% of total resale value

Tier 5 - Resale Value $750 Plus:  Seller will earn 60% of total resale value

**For Tiers 1 & 2 - If you take your payment in the form of a store gift card, you will earn 50%

For Consignment Only: (Important to Note)

Markdown Schedule:
After 40 days items will be marked down 10 - 20%
After 60 days items will be marked down 30 - 40%
After 90 days items will be marked down 50 - 60%

**All consigned items are subject to special promotions

Consignment sales are tracked monthly.  Commission payments are paid within the first 7 business days of each month, at the close of the previous calendar month.

While we value you our Consignor’s and their goods with everything we have, all consigned items are left at the Seller’s risk.  In the case of theft, fire and/or water damage, the consignee is not responsible for stolen and/or damaged consigned goods.

Option 3 – Donation

If you are looking to just donate and/or have clothes picked up from your home, we offer a gift card valued at 20% of total resale value for all eligible items.  For any items that we cannot use, we will donate on your behalf and these items will not be considered as part of the total resale value for the gift card. 

A Few Important Things to Note: 

1. Everything MUST be clean and in good condition (no rips, stains and free of wear)!  We take product seasonally (inquire for further detail). 

2.  If you have 10 items or less you're welcome to drop off anytime.  More than 10 items, you must make an appointment.  Email or call to schedule. 

3.  When bringing product in, everything must be folded neatly in bags(that you can leave).  NO bins and/or baskets please!

4.  Brands we currently DON'T take:  Target, Kohls, Walmart, Carters, Old Navy & H&M.....

5.  Resale values are determined based on brand and condition. We have a standard pricing guide that we use by brand, based on condition (NWT, NWOT, EUC, VGUC, GUC) and demand.  If your product is in the current season, we will take that into consideration (and of course there are other exceptions to the rule).  Please remember not all brands are created equal in terms of resale values.

6. For any items that are not eligible for instore selling, you may pick up or we will donate to the Community Center of Northern Westchester.  *This applies to any consignment items that do not sell, if you choose to donate instead of picking up your items.



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